Hey sleepyhead! Have you been struggling to get your zzz’s in? Snug is on a mission to save the nation’s sleep, one sleepyhead at a time. Introducing our fool proof Happy Sleep Formula to ensure you get a night’s full of sweet dreams.






Getting the right amount of sleep is so important to your emotional and physical health and wellbeing so you can function properly and live your best life.


No more next episode… call it an early night and give yourself a full 8 hours of sleep to wake up happy.

Although, the exact number of hours you might need will vary from person to person, and advice often depends on your age group. But 8 hours of undisturbed and good quality sleep is recommended as the magic number for most people.


The National Sleep Foundation recommends a cool room temperature as a key factor in getting a good night’s sleep.

Don’t be a melt… stay snug and keep your room temperature just right at 17°c for an undisturbed snooze.

For a night full of sweet dreams, the temperature must be Just Right for the happiest sleep. This is because our body’s core temperature naturally starts to dip as we lie down to rest at bedtime. It might be as simple as turning the heating down to signal to your body that it’s time to wind down and doze off.


Sleepyheads… make sure your last meal is eaten at least 3 hours before bedtime and have your last cup of coffee 10 hours before your head hits the pillow.

Coffee is well known to disrupt your sleep routine and the stimulating effects of caffeine last much longer than you might think which is why we tend to avoid that afternoon cup of coffee.

If you ask us, the most beneficial time for a cuppa is between 10am in the morning and midday when it is most craved by the body. But not just coffee – caffeine is typically found in energy drinks, fizzy drinks, and your favourite choccies too.

4. TOG

For a night full of sweet dreams… always change your duvet tog with the seasons. This helps to regulate your body temperature which means you’ll wake up less and snooze for longer.


Another reason why many of us struggle to sleep is because we’re simply too cold which means your duvet could be too low a tog, or too high, if you’re struggling with the heat. Good quality sleep can be tricky with the same bedding all year round so we’d always advise investing in both a summer duvet and winter duvet.

We’d recommend the lightweight and breathable Chill Out 4.5 Tog Duvet for warmer nights as the perfect summer duvet, Just Right 10.5 Tog for the in-between and our marshmallow Snuggle Up 13.5 Tog Duvet filled with oodles of squidgy fibres, keeping you comfy when you feel the chill. Easy peasy!


Your sleep routine should be a time to forget about everyday distractions and unwind, so try and log off as soon as you can. We’d also recommend avoiding screens in the bedroom where possible.

Switch off and chill out… remember to give screen time a break 90 minutes before bed so so your brain starts to associate it as a place of rest and relaxation rather than one of entertainment.

Your sleep routine should be a time to forget about everyday distractions and unwind, so try and log off as soon as you can. We’d also recommend avoiding screens in the bedroom where possible.

So many of us are guilty of double-screening as we lay in bed binging on the latest Netflix series whilst replying to the group chat and scrolling down our Instagram feed all at once, this can leave us wide awake and unable to switch off when it’s time for bed.


Turn out the light and say night… remember to say thanks for 5 things you are grateful for today and drift off to sleep happy.


Positive affirmations are the perfect way to top off your evening self-care regime and maintain a healthy mindset for the best quality sleep. Avoid overthinking and focus on the positives to clear your mind of thoughts that keep you up at night. Peace out!


For the happiest sleep yet, just add snug bedding. You can shop from our range of pillows and duvets starting from just £12.99 with free UK delivery on all orders so you can be enjoying a night of sweet dreams sooner than you think.

We’re proud as punch to tell you that all our lovely products are filled with recycled eco fibres that were once upon a time plastic bottles. They are cleaned, shredded, melted, and then magically spun into soft fluffy fibres to create the cosiest bedding you could possibly dream of.

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there with sustainable bags specially made from sugar cane plants which makes our packaging proudly carbon negative. High fives for plant power!

All our bedding products are also made right here in Manchester so you can sleep happy knowing that you’re supporting local as well as being that bit kinder to the planet.

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