Here at snug we’re all about plant power. Our packaging is proudly made from sugar cane, which means it’s carbon negative and gives a helping hand to our planet. And to top it off, our lovely eco-friendly products are filled with recycled materials so you can sleep easy knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet.


We care so you can be carefree. Our sustainable bags are specially made from sugar cane plants.

Sugar cane absorbs CO2 as it grows, which makes our packaging carbon negative. This sugar cane is farmed on renewable plantation fields away from our rainforests and produced in mills that operate entirely from renewable energy.

After use, our bags can be recycled just like any other traditional soft plastics at your local supermarket. It’s sustainable, recyclable and carbon negative.


We’re proud as punch to tell you that all of our lovely products are filled with recycled fibres that were once upon a time plastic bottles.

The plastic bottles are cleaned, shredded, melted and then magically spun into soft fluffy fibres to create the most irresistibly, cosy bedding you could dream possibly dream of.

Oh, and our products are also made right here in the UK!

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